Following the Maine CDC/DOE Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which was updated on 1/11/2022, we are temporarily suspending the identification of close contacts of positive cases in MSAD #44. Please be assured that we will still continue to communicate with impacted families using a positive case notification letter. These positive case notifications will be issued a bit differently for the elementary, middle and high schools due to the class configurations at each level. At the elementary level, a positive case notification letter will be sent when there is a positive case in a classroom. At the middle school, updates will be given by grade level on a weekly basis. At the high school, updates will be done weekly on a school-wide basis.

A summary of the Standing Operating Procedures is available here.

As a reminder, well-fitting masks are required. Buffs and neck gaiters are no longer allowed to be worn in place of masks. For additional information on the MSAD 44 SOP, please check the MSAD 44 website or any of our Facebook pages.